KPC 2019


 Mr. Jay Lee organized the 2nd Korea Pipeline Conference, KPC 2019, held in Seoul, Korea on May 21-22, 2019. He served  the event as a organization chairman and gave a keynote speech on " Cost Saving Strategies in Offshore Plant and Development of  Line Pipes".

He also participated in the panel discussion on the topic of cost savings for pipeline industries. 

Approximately 150 pipeline professionals including 2 keynote speakers and 13 presenters attended the bi-annual event. 

Recent Projects (2018)

Power Umbilical Qualification Program Procedures


Completed subsea power cable qualification program procedures and received a verification letter from DNV-GL, for LS Cable and System in Korea. On August 2018, DNV-GL USA verified that our prepared procedures can be used for dynamic laboratory tests to demonstrate the products' qualification for offshore applications such as offshore wind farms or oil/gas sectors.

[September 2018]

Recent Projects (2017)

Power Umbilical Test Procedure Preparation


LS Cable and System in Korea requested JYL Consultant to prepare a qualification test procedure for their dynamic power umbilicals (electric cables). The project scope includes obtaining a 3rd party verification letter from global certification authorities.

[December 2017]

Korea Pipeline Conference (KPC) 2017


Jay Lee launched and chaired the first Korea Pipeline Conference (KPC) in Seoul, Korea, on Sep 13-14, 2017.

Approximately 230 people including 20 speakers were participated from USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, and Korea. The conference was hosted by Korea Iron and Steel Association (KOSA) and KIMEX

The theme of the conference was “Challenge and Chance”: to represent the belief that a challenging situation can also be a chance for a person who is ready to overcome. The purpose of the conference is to connect pipeline experts from around the world to exchange ideas and learn about new and exciting concepts.   [September 2017]

Small Size SAW Pipe Marketing Strategy Study


Performed a marketing strategy study on small size SAW (submerged arc welded) pipes for Steel Flower in Korea.


Currently, the minimum pipe size that can be manufactured via the SAW method is limited to 16” OD, due to the large size of the inner welding equipment. 

Miniaturization of the welding head in the interior of the welding equipment enables the manufacturing of small diameter SAW pipes up to a minimum ID of 180mm (7-inch) by Steel Flower. Manufacturing of 8”-14” SAW pipes is now enabled by Steel Flower. 

The purpose of the study is how to promote and improve the newly developed small size SAW pipes in the competitive offshore oil and gas industry.  [May 2017]